Since becoming a freelance writer in 2000, I have written on everything from biotechnology and dramatic medical narratives to green tech and sustainable agri-business for leading magazines and newspapers.  Recent projects include a writing and editing project for the National Academy of Sciences and reporting guide for journalists covering the green jobs beat for the Knight Center for Specialized Journalism. I am a graduate of Boston University and earned my master's degree at Simmons College in Boston. Prior to my career as a writer, I was a teacher and a research analyst.

My greatest strength as a writer lies in my ability to jump among diverse communities. Some days I'll write about a prenatal blood test or cover stories in high crime and poverty neighborhoods. Other days I'll interview a NASA scientist, talk with the superintendent of an urban school about education reform, sit down with a CEO of a Fortune 500 company to discuss climate change, or have a Tony award winner show me his latest set design. That said, I am deft at covering a variety of topics in both ends of the socio-economic spectrum without pandering to subjects or readers.

My chief goals are to inform and entertain. I am an adaptive and productive writer and editor. I turn assignments around quickly and accurately. And, despite steady deadline pressure, my sense of humor keeps me intact and ready to move on to the next story.